Demo Session of Chemi-Doc MP Imaging System is Organised at Vijnana Bhavan

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"Make: Bio-Rad, USAModel: Chemi-Doc MPInstrument Name: Imaging System
Description: Chemi-Doc MP imaging system offer best-in-class performance ith ease of use for visible light (RGB) and far red/near infrared (FR/NIR) fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection and all general gel documentation applications.Stain-free imaging enables immediate visualization of proteins without gel staining and instant verification of protein transfer to blots.
1. High-end imaging system for the best fluorescence and chemiluminescence detection
2. Sensitive detection of RGB and FR/NIR secondary antibodies with low fluorescence background
3. Chemiluminescence sensitivity matching X-ray film
4. Easy-to-use software, perfect for multi-group use
5. Multiplex fluorescence detection
6. Installation/Operational Qualification kit available
7. 12" graphical touch screen with Image Lab Touch Software."